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Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue

About us

Loreto Studio is a family-owned business. Whether for adults or children, our unique designs and gifts spark conversations, bring a smile to our customers, and evangelize the imagination of those who stand on the threshold of faith. Our clothes, gifts and merchandise celebrate the great truths and traditions of the Catholic faith, while paying homage to popular culture, modern design and contemporary art.

How we started

Thomas Tan, a former Creative Director for television, started Loreto Studio in answer to a growing request for Christian gifts that were more contemporary. With his background in creative services, he wanted to offer Catholics of all ages a greater choice of quality products that were unique, inventive, and beautiful. At the same time, the ideas driving the creations had to be orthodox, respectful and faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Given that so much evangelization targeted the head and left out the imagination, Thomas saw the opportunity for Christians to adapt the language of popular culture to share the good news of Christ crucified and risen. 

​Click here to read more about Thomas’ efforts to bridge the gap between sacred tradition and popular culture. 

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